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Crossing my fingers that Frank won't eat my post tonight....
Firstly a belated thank-you to clmiles for the gingerbread man! I've not been able to access my profile page for a couple of days to see what / when; apologies for not acknowledging it sooner.


First day of the new year yesterday, nowhere near as exciting as 01/01/12 where fandom held its collective breath, waiting for the first episode of S2 Sherlock that night. I had to make do with re-watching The Reichenbach Fall. S3 can't come soon enough.


"When we set ourselves a goal we are basically saying to the universe 'this is my will' and that's how magic begins." I usually shy away from making resolutions but after reading this earlier today I sat and had a good think about things. Not the usual - I need to lose weight and get my cholesterol down, and I really want to slam-dunk my home loan this year instead of wasting money on stuff I don't need - because those sort of resolutions don't last all that long anyway. But thinking about my life, and the things that upset me, and how changes need to happen. And I'm the only person who can make those changes.

So - the start of a whole New Year, all things are possible. I'm going to be more open to new things - to change, to different places, to different ways of doing things. I'm going to look for ways to make things happen instead of moaning about all the reasons why they can't. And if something really won't/can't change, I'm going to make the best of it instead of nursing the hurt like it's a personal attack on me.
Well, that's the plan, anyway *g*.


New Year is also a time to clear out the old (no, not to make way for the new - not spending money on stuff I don't need, right?) so I also spent some of yesterday going through drawers that I rarely open and tossing stuff I don't use. This weekend I'll do my wardrobe as well, it could do with a sorting even if nothing gets chucked.

Also tackled my spare makeup bag; yes, I have such a thing. I usually grab stuff when it comes on sale and then pop it into the "spares" bag, so I don't run out. Emptied it out on my bed yesterday just to see what I actually had, and I don't think I'll be buying makeup for a while now. In fact I probably have enough to see me through to retirement.

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