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Be careful what you wish for

This time last week I was bemoaning the fact that my back lawn was brown and crispy, with only a green rectangle to show where I washed my car. Since then the rain has come, thanks to ex-tropical cyclone Oswald, my lawn is lovely and green, and I'm starting to feel somewhat mildewy.

Australia Day today, with a long weekend to celebrate, and my niece has flown up from Sydney to have a look around the area. She's planning on moving up here with her boyfriend early next year, and wanted to see what she could get for her money. We're going out to a Thai restaurant for dinner tonight with my son and his girlfriend, which should be fun.

Meanwhile I've mopped floors, groomed cats (can't believe how much they're still shedding!) and done some grocery shopping. Now I'm just fooling around here until Sarah gets back from househunting, then we're heading over to my son's for a while before dinner. I hope everyone else is having a good weekend, and managing to stay warm (for my arctic Canadian and other northern hemisphere friends), and dry for my Aussie mates.
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