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Making a new friend.

Bodie-cat's a funny little soul. He doesn't like visitors and usually spends the duration under my bed, or if he does come out he'll slink around the edges of the room until he's sure he's under no threat, then he'll mingle but never get too close. He's taken a real shine to my niece's boyfriend though and has spent half the evening curled up on the rug at Chris' feet. The other half of the evening has been spent chasing the red dot from the laser pointer, which is why he's decided Chris is halfway decent. It reached the point that Chris only had to pick the pointer up and Bodie was sitting at attention, watching keenly for the dot to appear. And if Chris put it down for any length of time Bodie just jumped up onto Chris' lap and stared at him until he put the pointer to use again.

Now Chris and Sarah have gone to bed, Bodie's on the sofa next to me and Zig is sprawled across the coffee table. It's still raining outside after a soggy day, and the wind is howling. The cats don't like the wind at all, they're always a bit spooked when it's really windy. Ziggy keeps jumping up onto his scratching post so he can peer out the window, although it's far too dark for him to see anything.

I should go to bed. The kids have an early start, off looking at houses again, and I really should do the hostessy thing and get up to make their breakfast. I've not done much today, though, trapped inside while the weather raged around me, so I'm really not tired. Might have to count sheep or something.
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