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Joined the ranks of the converted, and trying to drag others in too.

One of my work colleagues bought e-readers for himself and his wife for Christmas, and he's been busy finding books to read. I offered to share from my collection, and he asked for mysteries for himself and romance for his wife. I loaded up a USB stick for him with the requisite genres, and couldn't help adding The Larton Chronicles to the Romance selection. It could be a while before she gets to it, as I loaded close to 100 books for her, but I wonder if I'll get any feedback?

I'm currently reading the serial-numbers-filed-off version, and really enjoying my time in the English countryside. It's funny; when I first read this story (in the fanfic version) I reached the end and wondered what all the fuss was about. But over time I found that the storyline stayed in my mind, and more than that, the feeling evoked by the story remained. And now I think it's something I'll be reading every year or so.
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