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Lazy Saturday. With kittens.

One thing I've missed since I stopped breeding is having kittens around the place. This afternoon though I managed to get a "kitty fix" when I visited a friend who has two litters of Devon Rex kittens at the moment. Little cuties! I love their little Gremlin faces and their big bat ears. Their coats are so soft and curly, too. Just wanted to shove one in my handbag and take it home. At one stage there were three of them curled up on my lap, dreaming away. Dear little bubs!

Earlier today I bought a new microwave, having first carefully measured around the old one, sliding the tape underneath it to gauge the depth of the cupboard, so I could be sure of getting one that fitted. Disappointing to find that most of the ones I really liked were too deep to fit the spot, but I eventually settled on a smaller-than-planned one; after all, it's only me. Got it home, shifted the old one out - and discovered that the old one had a perspex screen at the back, and when I was measuring for depth the tape measure was hitting up against the perspex screen, not against the back of the cupboard. There was another good 6cm past it, meaning that the oven I wanted would have fit. Ah well, the one I bought was $100 cheaper.

Off to the first cat show of the year tomorrow. I haven't entered anyone but thought I'd go out for a look-see anyway, and catch up with friends.
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