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Household expense.

Day off today! Had to get some window security screens installed - since the rear deck was installed these previously inaccessible windows are now easily accessible so they needed either keyed window locks or security screens so as not to void my insurance cover. While they all had keyed locks, I didn't have keys for any of them which rendered them fairly useless.

Bathroom and spare room screens went in without a hitch but the kitchen was a different matter entirely. There was a keyed lock on the window, at the very top, which prevented the window from being lifted out of its frame. The screens are fitted from the inside so that window had to come out. Couldn't remove the lock, though, because it was fitted with one-way screws which took a special tool to remove,and of course neither I nor the screen installer had that tool.

I had to call a locksmith out to remove the lock so I took advantage and had him cut a key for the lock on the dining room window as well. That window was locked in position and as there was no key here when I bought this house, it hasn't been opened in all that time. It's never been a problem; it's a long drop from the window to the ground so I didn't want it open in case a cat went after a bird or something. But I figured if I'm having screens on all the other windows I may as well get one on that as well, plus a security sliding screen on the big door downstairs.

Finally I had him remove the lock from the window in the back bedroom; once again without a security screen before I'd been reluctant to leave it open, but then once the screen went up today I discovered that I couldn't open it too far anyway because the lock bumped up against the cat's hammock that's affixed to the windowsill. God forbid I disturb the hammock! Bodie likes to sit on it and watch the birds at the bird bath outside.

New screen and door should be ready in about a fortnight. Then I'll need to get something done about my front guttering which is starting to sag. One thing after another!

Anyway. Not thinking about any of that tonight. Just got home after dinner with friends from work; I have a glass of wine alongside and two cats on the sofa with me. Nowhere I would rather be.
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