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Such a little thing...

But it bugs me like crazy.

Since Christmas there's been a lady who gets on my bus in the morning, three stops after me. If the seat next to me is still vacant she makes a beeline for it, even though she walks past numerous vacant seats to get there. Must be some special bus feng shui or something, I don't know. It annoys me - not that I expect the seat to remain vacant, but the way she acts once she sits down has me mentally wishing for a hypodermic needle attached to a syringe full of deadly, fast-acting poison.

See, I like to sit still, in silence. The bus is like my own private Diogenes Club where I can sit and just let my mind wander where it will (yes, it is old enough to be out by itself, thanks for asking). This lady breaks my trance and I find I'm paying attention to her instead of drifting.

Firstly she ferrets through her handbag for a few minutes before retrieving her phone and her book. I don't know why she bothers with the latter as she never reads it; instead, she spends the duration of the trip - and by that point there's usually a good 40 minutes to go - texting furiously, and I mean that literally, stabbing at her phone like it's offended her somehow. She keeps this up practically non-stop; how can she have that many texts to send? Maybe she's writing a novel, although you think she'd have a more user-friendly keyboard than that on a phone.

Today though she really took the cake. Five minutes along and she decided instead of texting she needed to have a conversation on her phone. Loudly. With hand gestures. I noticed people opposite frowning so I wasn't the only one bothered by it. She was bugging me so much by this point that I got out my earphones and popped them in my ears, without actually attaching them to anything, in a passive-aggressive gesture meant to convey how annoying she was being. I think she must have noticed because she ended her call shortly afterwards and went back to the texting.

The coup de grace, however, comes when we finally reach the city. The bus usually almost empties out on the second-to-last stop, and at that point this lady moves seats, to a seat she doesn't have to share. Every fucking time. And then, one minute later, the bus stops again and we both get off. What is up with that? If she so dislikes sitting next to me, why does she make such an effort to sit there every single day?
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