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Blink of An Eye

Who said time travel isn't possible? I was walking past a bookshop today, and in the window I spied the Complete Collection of Milly Molly Mandy. I haven't seen those books for years! Instantly I was six years old again, living at Cabramatta, and reading in the shade of a scrubby tree, while eating bread-and-dripping with fried onions (Milly Molly Mandy''s favourite.) It's funny how the title evokes not only the stories themselves but the thoughts and feelings of the girl I was when I read these books.
There are a few deeply ingrained memories that can whisk me back to childhood in an instant. The TV show Gilligan's Island, for example. Our yard was an overgrown jungle with disused chook pens, ti-tree bushes, outback loo, and at the end of the yard stood a huge mulberry tree. I'll never forget the day my sister fell out of that tree and landed on her backside in a pile of ripe mulberries, thereby staining her yellow undies beyond redemption. The memory of that backyard comes to me whenever I hear the theme music of Gilligan's Island, as it was one of my favourite games as a child. Along with Star Trek. All my friends had cubby houses with dolls, high chairs, tea sets etc. I had a transporter platform chalked on the floor of mine.

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