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An unexpected journey

And not a hobbit in sight. Traffic was bad this morning so bus driver decided to try a different route. Traffic wasn't much better on the alternative, due to traffic signals being out of order, and his proposed short cut was flooded so we had to come back to the main road. Driver's next attempt had us on the Logan Motorway heading towards the Gold Coast; I still can't work that one out, especially as he then took us up another road which led to the city but instead of continuing along it, he did a huge loop and as a result we ended up right back where we started from, only an hour and fifteen minutes later.
By that time the traffic had eased somewhat and we set out again along our original route. The result? I arrived at work an hour and a half past my usual arrival time. It really threw me out for the rest of the day.

Called into a surprise meeting at 11.30, hosted by my new boss and our regional exec. I didn't get the email about it so was totally unprepared :-( . I'd been gloating to my colleague that I wasn't required to attend - I think he had the final laugh.

I know I've whinged here before about my dislike of my work uniform. I'd been waiting for the last couple of pieces from this year's allocation to arrive, and they finally turned up today. And they're both going back. Trousers are too big, but the size below is too small. Not only that, but they're not lined, which can be a blessing in our climate but they're wool - I only put them on for a minute to see if a belt would help but my legs were screaming from the contact. I'll see if I can swap them for another skirt, at least they're lined so the wool only touches my body in a couple of spots.

The other article that arrived was a red cardigan. Oh dear. Leaving aside the frankly appalling colour and the fact that it looks like something Uncle Bruce might go out to feed the chooks in, it's also pure wool. No way can I wear that! Slipped one arm into a sleeve and I felt like I needed to scrub my skin off.
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