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Three days too long.

Hello journal! *pats it lovingly* It feels as though I've been away forever but it really only was three nights. So much has happened in that time I'll not get through it all tonight.

Right index finger is bandaged, having been bitten earlier tonight by Ziggy. Not that it was his fault; if I'm going to go shoving pills down his throat I can expect to get bitten, I should think. He's back on the anti-anxiety meds, as his coat-pulling has returned with a vengeance, along with a fabric-chewing habit that saw me throwing out a dress, two shirts and a pair of shorts before he'd trained me sufficiently to not hang my ironing off the spare room door handle, but to put it up out of reach. He's also turned the hem of my work polo all raggedy which is not a good look.
If the meds don't work, then I'll be looking for a cat psychologist. Things can't go on like this, the poor little guy can't live his life either anxious as hell or drugged.

Friday was my day off, and I spent it bathing cats, doing grocery shopping, vaccuuming (and didn't that make Ziggy howl! Poor little guy)and generally preparing for my sister's visit. She and her husband flew up on Friday evening, and my niece and her boyfriend arrived on Saturday, ready to do the pre-settlement inspection on the house they're (niece and boyfriend) buying. So off we all go on Saturday at noon, to check out the house - and while there, the boyfriend proposed to my niece. He had the ring and all, and had even asked her parents' permission a fortnight ago. How sweet was that?! She was crying with happiness.

Last night we all went out to celebrate at a little Italian restaurant, where we were joined by my son & his partner, making it a party of seven. I really enjoyed my meal - garlic and parmesan crust followed by a spicy seafood hotpot - but woke in the wee smalls this morning feeling decidedly off-colour. As the day progressed I felt a bit better, but judging by my symptoms it wasn't the food but rather a bad cold coming on. I hope I don't feel too awful tomorrow, I have a lot to get through, after having Friday off. Might have to just deal with the important stuff then head back home, see how I go.

ETA: what the hell? I clicked on "Post" but instead of getting the confirmation page, with the option to edit if required, it took me straight to my journal. And my cut's not working either *kicks lj*
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