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Giving myself permission to be lazy

Sunday's slightly off-colour feeling had turned into a full-on cold by Monday morning. Still dragged myself into work as I had some catching up to do but didn't really feel up to it. I did make a point of checking my sick days - the last time I had a sick day off was 28th February 2011 so I decided I wasn't going to come into work today if I still felt rotten when I woke. I've already made target for the quarter, with a month to spare, so I can afford to take the time I need.

This morning I woke up with the alarm at 5.30am as usual; I still didn't feel 100% and the rain was bucketing down outside so I switched off the alarm, pulled the sheet over my head and went back to sleep. Resurfaced at 8.30, in time to ring my manager and then my branch to inform each that I wouldn't be in, then made a cup of coffee and took it back to bed along with a magazine. When I finished the magazine I decided to emulate the two very sleepy cats who were sharing my bed; this time it was 11am before I woke up again and finally decided to face the day.

There are so many things here that needed doing; the spare bed still needs to be stripped after my visitors last weekend, and I have a side table to put together for my deck; ironing still needs to be done and my bath won't clean itself - I had no trouble at all ignoring all of this as I had no energy at all! Just stretched out on the sofa and watched The Princess Bride, read the paper, and spent some time looking at real estate online.

Foolishly I didn't turn off my work mobile, and even more foolishly I answered it each time it rang. One guy wanted to argue the toss about his loan, wanting to know how different scenarios would work out, keeping me on the phone for over 20 minutes. I didn't mind so much, until he told me that he'd gone into the branch to see me but as I wasn't at work today he thought he'd ring instead. I was a bit shocked by that! At that point I told him that if I was back in the branch tomorrow I'd have a look at his proposals, otherwise they would have to wait until I was better. What a hide, truly.

Feeling somewhat better this evening so will probably head back into work tomorrow, but that proposal will not be a priority.
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