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Be careful what you wish for

The not-so-secret secret is out, and it's nowhere near as exciting as we'd hoped. The relaunch of St.George Bank was announced yesterday, and it's exactly that - a relaunch of the existing name, via a new ad agency. Well whoop my doo. Apparently the usage of our original symbol - Happy Dragon - has fallen away over the years, and the decision has been made to "release the little dragon in all of us." And the hint about new uniforms? It's a redesign of the current ones, but incorporating some green, to represent Happy. Green. With red. Put a star on my head and I'd be a Christmas tree.


Discovered today that you can buy a boxed set of all of the Famous Five books and Secret Seven books. I keep telling myself that I want these to put away for potential grandkids, but in truth I'd just like to have them. These were my comfort books when I was eight to ten - I read every one I could get my hands on. It would be nice to share them with a younger generation, although I wonder if they'd be as well-received today? No computers or mobile phones, and I can't recall the kids ever watching tv! The Harry Potter books lacked those things for the most part and they were huge so perhaps there's still a place for stories about kids having adventures.
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