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Heading into the Easter break

Will you look at that, it's Friday morning already... :-)

I found it sooo hard to settle down and actually do any work today yesterday. Managed to get a lot of little things out of the way but put off tackling the big things, they can all wait until after Easter.

Received an interesting email from a real estate agent this morning, in relation to a house she'd just listed for sale at $275000 with tenants in place paying $430 per week. That's a brilliant investment - but the rent seemed rather high for the house's location. My google-fu revealed that the house was advertised just last month for rent at $340pw, which is much more realistic for the area. I emailed the agent expressing my concern at the out-of-line rent, and asking if she has a copy of the tenancy agreement, but unsurprisingly didn't get a response.

Last business day of the quarter today. So on one hand we're breathing a sigh of relief; everything is done, targets achieved - but when we get back after the Easter break we start all over again.

Off camping tomorrow night - well that would be tonight, now! Only for the one night, to see if I enjoy it. Hopefully the rain will stay away. I'm really looking forward to it, though; I've been half-packed for a fortnight.
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