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14 April 2013 @ 09:48 pm
Never one to look too far ahead, it recently dawned on me that my retirement savings are woefully inadequate. Of course the GFC didn't help, slicing a chunk of value off, but even so I'll be lucky if I can live for more than about five years on my current and projected balances.

So I've decided to buy another house. Real estate values are way down at present, having been sliding backwards for about five years, while rents have kept pace with inflation. I've been seeing a lot more activity in the market of late, and all of the agents I've spoken to have said the same thing - more buyers coming out, not as much stock on the market, and potential vendors holding off until prices begin to move upwards again. It's now or never, I think. To that end I spent most of yesterday attending Open Houses, and I have my eye on one in particular. Not only is it good value for money, and would achieve a decent rent, but it's within walking distance of my own home (and of the house my sister bought, with the intention to move into it early next year). Also it doesn't need anything done to it before putting tenants in. Not really sure that I'll be successful with this one, as I think the vendor will want more than I can offer, but it doesn't hurt to ask, no?

Meanwhile I've been in pain today. It was raining yesterday, and I managed to slip over at one of the Open Houses. I was heading to the back fence to inspect for termite damage, when my foot just slipped out from under me. I must have cried out as the agent came running from inside the house to see if I was all right. I must have looked a sight, trying to get to my feet - like a newborn foal, my feet just kept slipping out again, dropping me heavily onto my knee at one stage. Finally scrambled upright and was surprised to find that I wasn't feeling any pain at all; in fact I was more embarrassed than anything!

But today is a different story. I kept waking up during the night with my right thigh aching, and it's been sore all day; I must have pulled the muscle in my fall. And my knee is somewhat swollen although it's not painful at all. Hopefully I'll feel better in the morning.

Time for a new tag; one that will probably get a real workout over the next 15 or so years
Current Mood: soresore
sunray45: Poinciana Flowerssunray45 on April 16th, 2013 02:01 am (UTC)
Good thinking 99! Real Estate is the way to go, and I do hope you get that house. Things do look grim for you young ones these days, with the Age Pension not kicking in until you really are past doing any kind of work.

Hope your leg is feeling better now. But, good heavens Missy, haven't you heard enough about L's troubles because of not looking where you are putting your feet? Just be more careful in future. *Hugs*
miwahni: B7 BlakeAvon Watching over youmiwahni on April 16th, 2013 10:14 am (UTC)
Thanks - still have to contact agent, I've just been snowed under at work and keep putting it off until suddenly the day has gone.
I thought it coincidence that you were telling me about L, and a couple of days later I manage to fall over. Still, her fall was a lot worse than mine, my spine is fine and leg is way better today.
And that's just reminded me I've not yet replied to your last email, which I downloaded on my laptop the other night, and have been using the pc since....