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Yay for days off.

Cats apparently have a poor grasp of the concept of public holidays. Ziggy decided that it was Thursday, it was 5.30, and I should be up - he turned on my touch-lamp, knocked my mobile phone off the side table then chewed three of the keys off it (not my everyday one, luckily, but my old spare which I use for the alarm function), knocked over some framed photos, and bit my feet through the sheet whenever I moved. I'd have turfed him out of my room except that I couldn't stand listening to him cry and scratch at the door.

Still managed to go back to sleep, though, once I'd popped my phone in a drawer and turned the lamp off. When I again woke it was a glorious sunny day! Spent the morning catching up on a few things, setting up my new modem (old one died last Saturday and I've been using a mobile broadband stick since then; it's lovely to have my hig-speed access back again tonight!) and then spent three hours repainting my wrought iron outdoor setting. It will need a second coat on the weekend but already it looks a lot better than it did.

Back to work tomorrow, just for one day. Seems a bit ridiculous, really.
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