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Adventures with Karen

I should start by explaining that Karen is the disembodied voice on my Navman. Karen and I have a history; we got together when I went to the UK in 2010 and it's been a rocky relationship since then. We've had our disagreements in the past, but I always thought we could work our way through them. But yesterday I was shown that our differences are irreconcilable.

I had to go to a cat club meeting on the northside of Brisbane, with which I am totally unfamiliar. First off Karen refused to recognise that the street existed in that suburb - not to worry, I thought, as she did pick up on the next suburb along. I figured if I followed it for long enough I'd get there, right?

So off we went. All was fine until I had to get off the Gateway Motorway, then the fun and games started. She led me all over the place; at one point she directed me into a culdesac and then told me to perform a u turn when possible, and directed me back out again in the opposite direction. WTF?!

I did eventually end up in the "right" street, except that it really wasn't. Finally I grabbed out my trusty street directory and discovered that I was really in the right street, only it was bisected by the railway line. I would have to retrace my path for at least half a kilometre before rejoining the correct street. Eventually I arrived at the meeting 20 minutes late.

When I left, I followed another club member back out onto the gateway. It was only a bit over a kilometre away, involving two intersections.

Karen, I'm sorry, but this was a deal-breaker. In future I'll use the navigation facility on my phone.
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