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Christmas must be coming

Speaking of bookshops (as I was on Friday) the local bookshop is currently overflowing with books that I'd love to own. To begin - Bev Brock has released a biography of husband Peter. As I've read The Rise And Fall Of Peter Brock, I think it would be interesting to hear the tale from Bev's point of view. Somewhere in the middle the truth will be found. Stephen Donaldson has released the first book in the Third Chronicles of Thomas Covenant. I want it! And now the first and second chronicles are available as three-in-one paperback editions (all three books per chronicle in one edition). The very clever people who brought us the Jetlag Travel Guide to Molvania have published their latest offering, Phaic Tan. Definitely on the shopping list, that one! And then I found a book which deals with the origins and history of words. Another must-have.
They're just the titles I found in a ten-minute browse. I'm sure I'd find more, if I looked seriously.

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