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What is this work-life balance of which you speak?

Work has been mad-crazy lately; even working back each night I'm still not getting through the backlog. Getting home at 7.30 most nights means I'm not getting much done here either. My shoulders feel permanently knotted and I've come close to losing it a few times; in fact last Friday when a settlement was going pear-shaped and I had everyone but the customer ringing me - his solicitor, and both his parents playing team-tag, I ended up telling his father that I was doing everything I could, and short of getting on a plane to Mumbai or Bangalore or wherever the hell our Certifications team was sitting and actually certifying the bloody thing myself, there really wasn't anything further I could do.

Anyway. Putting all that behind me, for tomorrow I am walking out of the office no later than 3pm in order to get home, attend to animals, then grab my bag and head off to the airport. I'm going to Sydney for my niece's engagement party and I don't care what still needs doing at work, I'll be out that door on time.

A few weeks ago I mentioned I was looking for an investment property to buy. I've been trying to fit this in on weekends and after hours, but some things need to be done within working hours which doesn't help the situation at present. On Monday 22nd April I made an offer on a house which is within walking distance of my current home, but three days later the agent came back to me and told me that the vendor wouldn't sell for anything less than $10,000 more than my offer (which the agent had me sign to say was my 'highest and best offer'). I thought about it over the weekend, finally going back to him on Tuesday with a matching offer - then later that night the agent rang back to say the vendor wanted yet another $10k. I said thanks but no thanks, and as far as I was concerned that was the end of that. During yesterday the agent sent me two messages and an email saying "so sorry to come back to you for some more thousands but it will make it easier for me to secure that house for you". Once again I said not interested, that there are no more thousands to offer, and I wish him luck in selling it. "Oh no you don't understand," he responded, "if you fill out this 'highest and best offer' form with your new offer I am certain that my boss can make this sale happen for you."
So, did I call the vendor's bluff or was the agent lying about the vendor's sale price? Either way it's a moot point as I signed a contract today for another house. This was my original first choice, and I'm waiting to hear back about my offer. The asking price had actually dropped by $10k since I looked at it a few weeks ago, so bonus!

So tomorrow I'll email the first agent and advise that my revised offer is no longer on the table, but my original offer is valid until 5pm on Monday at which time it will lapse too. If by some miracle the vendor changes his mind and accepts that original offer, and if the vendor of the second house also accepts my offer, I'll need to think carefully; I'll have to crash one of the contracts as I can't stretch to two purchases. Still and all I don't think that's a decision I'll have to make.
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