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Saving, time and money

I found a new way to travel to work, thanks to one of the girls I work with. Actually, its a way that Ezekiel suggested months ago, but I was so sure at the time that I was already going the best way as my boss had directed me and I thought she should know! Anyway, Sam told me the way she travels, and it avoids that horrible sit-in-traffic-not-moving gridlock that I used to encounter. Moggill Road is a bit busy but at least it's moving. The first time I went the new way, it took 34 minutes from my door to the carpark. Yay! Today took a bit longer because I left home 15 minutes later and the traffic was heavier, but it was still a lot quicker than the Oxley Road way.
An addendum to yesterday's entry - Angus and Robertson has two of the books I mentioned, on special. The Peter Brock book has been reduced by $10 while Phaic Tan (say it aloud) is discounted by $8. Ahh, temptations...but I'll be good. I have to go back to Coffs at the end of the month for the Best Of Breed Awards, even though I'm no longer eligible to compete. It's the first time I've not been the record-keeper for the awards. The whole competition was my baby and I ran it since its inception. It's the little things like this that I miss.

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