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This time last week

My beautiful niece had her engagement party.

 photo CIMG0997_zps8eb3596a.jpg

"Welcome to the family." Not a good photo but I love it so much.

 photo CIMG0994_zps8c450502.jpg

Much better photo of Sarah and Chris.

 photo CIMG0985_zpsc4f42d52.jpg

My son Jason and his lady Jessica.

 photo CIMG1017_zps7e527653.jpg

Sarah with her brothers Nicholas (left) and Michael.

 photo CIMG1023_zps44dfc718.jpg

My sister and her hubby cutting up the engagement cake. It had to be gluten-free for Sarah and lactose-free for Michael, and it was absolutely delicious.

 photo CIMG1016_zpsd8fc90c0.jpg

Jess, me and Sarah.

I must have had a good night as I was posting pics of Michael with flowers in his hair, to facebook at 3.30am. I was pretty surprised to see them as I don't remember doing it at all. Still pulled up reasonably okay on Sunday and was fine by the time of my flight home.
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