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19 May 2013 @ 08:14 pm
Two in the last week, which is some kind of record for me. Last weekend it was Iron Man 3 and today was Star Trek Into Darkness.

Firstly, Iron Man. I think the biggest thing to come out of it was the theme of the whole thing ie testing the mettle of the man (pun intended). Seriously, give us a flawed human being, prise him out of his suit, send him into action and see what comes out. That final battle was the making of Tony Stark - oh he'll still be cocky and irritating as all hell but he'll come out of it with a deeper appreciation of his own abilities, and maybe he won't feel the need to be such a jerk all the time now that he knows his own worth.

Apart from that. Surprise!Bruce! That was the best :-) I liked the references back to the Avengers movie, seeing the scriptwriters trying to maintain some continuity, or at least remind us that IM3 isn't happening in a vacuum.

I'd managed to avoid all but the very first trailer so had virtually no idea what was going to happen. When Extremis was mentioned towards the start I thought "hello, here we go, iron suit not enough for Tony but he has to take this stuff as well" but it didn't play out anything like the comic storyline which was good!

And then Star Trek. Once again I'd avoided just about all spoilers; I knew BC played a character called John Harrison and that was all. Didn't take too long for the penny to drop, though; when Spock first mentioned the needs of the many outweighing the needs of the few I had an inkling of the direction we were being taken. Nice riff on one of my favourite villains from the original series though.

It's a very full-on movie. I'm still not sure that I buy the Spock/Uhura thingy but that's more because of my attachment to the Spock of TOS than the way the characters are played. Scotty was a lot more believable this time round, although still played for laughs at times which annoyed (again). But wtf was Carol Marcus all about? Seriously, what was her point? Did JJA suddenly realise he only had one female in the whole movie? Because she was extraneous to the plot, and I can't see a valid reason for her being there, other than to re-use a name from TWOK just for the hell of it.

Nice bit of role-reversal towards the end, with Kirk being the one to save the ship ("You'd have done the same." Yes, we know!) And just as well he did; I got more emotional over the near-destruction of the Enterprise than I did over Kirk's death. All in all it was a fun ride, and I'm definitely seeing it again.
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nerthusnerthus on May 19th, 2013 07:05 pm (UTC)

I think the reason Carol was on there was because she was the admiral's daughter and it added to the drama when he discovered she was hiding on the very ship he was there to destroy; plus maybe she knew about advanced weapons though I don't really recall her helping out all that much with that in the movie? She and Kirk had their flirtation which of course alludes to both II and III, but HONESTLY?!! with the unnecessary partial nudity, sigh. I'm with you concerning Spock/Uhura; yes, I know this is now an alternate time line and yes, even in TOS there were 'hints' here and there of a bond between Spock and Uhura (I remember her singing and draping her arm around his shoulder while he played accompaniment on the Vulcan lyre, ha; I think he actually smiled at her, yikes!); but even with that, I still found myself in the 2009 film cringing at them being together. I guess it didn't bother me as much this time around, and I think Quinto pulled it off better than Nimoy's Spock could have, maybe because this alternate time line Spock seems more in touch with his human half than TOS Spock in the early days. I enjoyed Urban's McCoy in this new one, he had me chuckling several times; I think Chekov had a lovely little bit but I felt like Sulu as played by John Cho is a bit more understated than Takei's version. And of course 'Harrison'--kudos to Benedict, great job with both the nuances of his sharp verbal interplay and sense of menace and with his physical action scenes as well; it bugged me that at the end his keen intellect suddenly seemed set aside merely to move plot along concerning the torpedoes and how he wasn't more suspicious, sigh; but oh, well. It was a weak way imo of having his character switch to the 'savage' man over the super brain. And why was no one freaking out at the end over the BLOOD, if it has such powers? Why just keep them all frozen if they all contain the potential to RESURRECT the dead, geez! Or is it only 'Harrison' whose blood is special? Oh, and I have to admit, when Quinto's Spock yelled that one infamous line, I did cringe a bit cause he just couldn't pull it off with the same OTT, scenery-chewing bravado that Shatner did (imo only, of course!).But I really did love the movie and can't wait to see it again, either in the theater or when it comes out on dvd.
miwahni: ST Kirk Spockmiwahni on May 19th, 2013 08:45 pm (UTC)
Hee! I was reading through your comment and mentally rehearsing my reply - and then I came to " he just couldn't pull it off with the same OTT, scenery-chewing bravado that Shatner did" and I just cracked up laughing. Oh god yes!

I'd grant you Carol being the admiral's daughter added to the drama - for about ten seconds until he beamed her over to his ship anyway. So still fishing for reasons. Spock could have opened the torpedo, there's a reason he's Science Officer and he didn't need to have top-grade weapons skill to do it. She was basically there for Kirk to ogle. DNW!

As for Khan's blood - I wonder if this is going to play a part in any future movies? They've not destroyed the sleepers, only left them frozen. Why?

But all the same I loved the movie and like you will def. be seeing it again / buying it.