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Can only get better, right?

I've been a bit quiet here lately, just getting through one day at a time. Upper respiratory tract infection spread like wildfire through my cats recently and while the younger cats threw it off relatively quickly my older ladies weren't so lucky; I lost my 17 year old this week and my 14 year old girl is still pretty crook. I'm hoping she's turning the corner now as she ate half a little tin of Dine last night, but she still looks terrible with weepy eyes and snotty sneezes. I'm washing her face a few times a day and pumping her full of antibiotics, also a pseudoephidrine to dry up the secretions, and in addition syringe-feeding her with a high-calorie Recovery food. Fingers crossed it does the trick.

Work has been much the same, highs and lows and very stressy. Still checking the job ads on a daily basis and hoping something else might come along. I did get a callback about one job I'd applied for but the salary was way under my current pay; I can drop some, but not that much.

And the house I was buying? Supposed to settle today but I pulled the pin on it two weeks ago, after getting the results of the pest and building inspection. There was a lot of stuff going on that wasn't visible on the surface, and while the vendor was prepared to drop the asking price in compensation, the work required would have taken quite some time, which meant that the place would have to sit empty for a while. I want something that I can rent out immediately, so back to the real estate ads I go.

Craig Lowndes was in the Queen St Mall today, promoting safe driving. And of course I had today off work, meaning I missed it :-(

On a good note, my sister is flying in tonight; I'll have to leave in ten minutes to go to the airport and collect her. We are going to have a great weekend! There will be wine, oh yes there will. And tomorrow night we have tickets to a screening of two Dr Who episodes on the big screen at the local theatre. Woo-hoo!
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