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Just a bit silly

I got a weird text this morning on my work phone, from some random caller, and rather than ignore it I thought I'd have a bit of fun.

Random Texter: Thanks. Bloody toilet door is locked from the inside I can't open it. Finally got lock apart last night. But still could not fix it. Will call a lock Smith soon. Lucky I was on the outside when it malfunctioned. Have made my mind up to install second toilet ASAP

Me: What an ordeal! I well remember the time I was locked inside the toilet; it took three days for someone to rescue me. Luckily I had a KFC 18 piece bucket with me. And water wasn't a problem.

RT: Sorry (miwahni) my text was inadvertently sent to you. Also your ordeal makes my problem look tiny. (signed - G - customer I've been dealing with recently)

Me: (G) my text was a joke; I had no idea who sent that first message but thought I'd give someone a giggle.

RT: Thanks I am smiling. I thought the KFC was strange G:)

At that point I called him and gave him the number of a good locksmith. It kinda made my morning, really.
Tags: made me laugh, sharks and weirdness

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