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Didn't think today would ever get here, yet here we are...:-) first day of my holidays which officially started at 5.15pm yesterday (Friday) but in reality started a lot closer to 9am yesterday. I think I did the grand total of two hours' work throughout the day. Firstly ventured out to New Farm for morning tea with an old friend, and then on our return to the city we attended a Staff Benefits day. By then it was midday. Mucked about, returned a few phone calls, went to lunch... after lunch I did a bit of work before handing off my files and transferring all active submissions and valuations to the lender who will be looking after my business in my absence. He has my mobile number, if he has any questions, but he also has strict instructions to pretend he doesn't have it unless it's a dire emergency!

So. After clearing my desk, and going through all handed-over files with colleague, and then surrendering my key, it was nearly 5pm before I got out of the place. Home by 6 with just enough time to feed cats, get changed, and head out to dinner with friends. Brilliant start to the holidays, wot.
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