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This relaxing caper's a bit difficult, wot?

First official day off, and a cold start to the day. I love having holidays in winter so that I don't have to sit on a draughty bus for at least three of the coldest weeks, but it makes it hard to get out of bed when I don't actually have to.

Most of the day was taken up with preparations for an upcoming cat show. I haven't done one for quite some time so it took forever to get my head around the breed and colour classes again, as well as setting up the award certificates template and starting in on the catalogue. I did take some time out this morning to groom my cats, which I've neglected for a little while; Fatty Girl has some knots that needed removing, and the others all needed a good brush.

Also this afternoon I cleaned my car thoroughly inside and out. It looks like new again! Hadn't done it since Easter, shame on me! It's booked in for a service tomorrow; afterwards I'll go to SuperCheap Autos to buy some new seat covers as the current ones are starting to look a bit ratty. No wonder, they're seven years old now.

To top off the day nicely I won a beautiful cashmere Burberry scarf on ebay tonight. Sweet!
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