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I am such a coward.

A few months back I posted about my cousin who had tracked me down after years and years of not seeing each other, and how I was quite happy to never, ever see him again... since that time he has contacted me twice via facebook, asking about a get-together. Each time I've refused his invitations. Today he rang to tell me that he now lives a LOT closer to me, and my local shopping centre is now his local shopping centre, and he just happened to be there right at that minute and wanted to call in to see me when he'd finished shopping.

Me, being cowardly by nature, said I was off to the Gold Coast so sorry, won't be home. (I am actually going to the Gold Coast but not until tomorrow). And next weekend will be taken up with a cat show, and the following weekend I'll have to check but I'm sure I have something on. After the call I moved my car into my backyard so that it couldn't be seen from the street, and I waited until late afternoon before going to the shops myself.

But this can't continue; I'll have to girl-up and just tell him outright that I'm not interested in pursuing a friendship. Otherwise he's just going to keep calling :-(


Trawling the internet tonight and found the oddest item - is this a thing?

Engraved Silver Condom Case. Obviously I am out of touch with the times.
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