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I'll probably be spamming my flist tonight, not having been near LJ since last Saturday.

Earlier this year I put my hand up to run another cat show, and last Sunday was the day. I think everything went well; there were a couple of minor hiccups where a cat was entered in the catalogue incorrectly, or in one case the entry was not processed at all (entry that was emailed to me with two peds attached and I only saw one; I did point out gently that in future if the exhibitor should fill out a proper entry form and benching slip, this won't happen) but all easily fixed on the day. There was one complaint, but about the conduct of an exhibitor and not about the running of the show, so I'm pretty happy with the way things went. This afternoon I've finished off the last of the paperwork, sending out invoices to the two people yet to pay their entry fees, and advising the show manager of our next show of the outstanding payers. These people won't have their entry accepted for another show until they've paid their outstanding money.

And I surprised myself by finding I actually did enjoy doing it all. Even when we got to the hall on Saturday to set up and discovered that there were only half the tables that there used to be, and we had to set up segments of their portable stage for the rest of the cat cages, it wasn't enough to dampen my enjoyment. I'm not saying I'll do it again, but I am saying I had a great day, all things considered.
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