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Opposites, on tv

I've had a houseguest from Sunday until this afternoon when I put her on a plane back to Sydney. She and I have been friends for a long time - we have very different temperaments and different ways of seeing things, but our life experiences are sufficiently similar to forge a strong friendship. And she likes Martin Shaw, which is a bonus *g*

A couple of things I've heard from her this week:

1. It is possible to use the words "track suit" and "stylish" in the same sentence, and not be using them sarcastically; and
2. All those people going to Bali to get married are responsible for the dip in the Australian economy.
As you can see we have some pretty interesting conversations *g*

Of an evening we've been watching tv, with a focus on Martin Shaw, including the two unaired eps of Judge John Deed, the Dambusters docco that he narrated, Death In Holy Orders which I've been meaning to watch forever, and his episode of Fraud Squad. All very engaging tv!

Last night however we broke out of the MS mold and watched a show called Broadchurch featuring David Tennant. Has anyone else seen this? We ended up watching seven of the eight episodes straight-up, but by 12.30am we were too tired to watch the last ep so it had to wait until this morning. Brilliant tv! My sister had told me about it, saying "You like UK cop shows, give this a try!" and I'm ever so glad she did.
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