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Getting it down now while I still remember.

Sunday mornings; waking early and being as quiet as mice - my sister and I would take ourselves outside and play as quietly as possible so as not to wake our parents. The hope, usually forlorn, was that we wouldn't have to go to Sunday School if mum and dad slept in. Sadly it didn't work all that often.

The church in which I grew up demanded attendance twice per day on Sundays - firstly Sunday School, which was for adults as well as children, and then in the afternoon everyone had to front up for Sacrament. On the first Sunday of every month there was only an hour between the two, because the first Sunday was Fasting Sunday and the fast could end after Sacrament.

I haven't been inside a church of that religion since I was 16, when one of my good friends got married. I'm quite happy to never ever cross their portal again. However some of the teachings that were indoctrinated still persist; for example it was a guiding principle that you always had a months' worth of food on hand in case of emergency, and that's something that I just can't shake. I don't feel secure unless I could eat out of my cupboard / freezer for a month without replenishment.

Another early memory of that church / religion also concerns food. We had two Elders who were frequent visitors. Both of them hailed from the US and they were astonished that we'd never heard of pizza; this was 1965 and at that time the only immigrants in our locality were English so we'd not been exposed to other cultures at all. I well remember one Saturday when I was six years old, and the two Elders banished us from the kitchen while they prepared pizza from scratch. It was the most delicious meal I'd ever tasted!
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