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..I'm sick. I had a sinus headache all day Friday and Saturday, then Sunday my voice went croaky. Yesterday I lost my voice altogether which made for interesting times at work when I automatically answered the phone. I had to use a crackly hoarse shout to get my message across! Today I woke up with a blocked nose (well, face really - it felt as though my whole face was about to fall off) and although my voice is better than yesterday, it's still scratchy and sore.

And of course I had a few interviews today, including a two-hour one at the end that resulted in me not getting out of work until 6pm, long after everyone else had headed home. I hate being last out, turning off the lights and setting the alarms. At least I exit the building into a brightly-lit shopping centre, unlike the last branch I worked at. There, I had to walk into the mall, which was not a friendly place after dark.

I just hope that last interview proves to be worthwhile. It didn't progress to application stage, but only because the customers haven't yet had their offer accepted. I gave them a Go-Ahead letter and I feel pretty confident that they'll be back.
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