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Week from hell.

I know it was tough for D while I was on holidays. I know that. And payback is a bitch; for the last two weeks I've been managing his files as well as my own while he's been swanning about the countryside. I will be so glad when he gets back! I've always prided myself on my customer service but today I actually told someone that their query was joining a very long list, and that at present I was focusing on things with deadlines ie settlements and approvals, and anything else would be dealt with when I got to it, no promises re time frames. There are only so many hours in a day, and I'm putting in ten hour days with lunch consisting of a sandwich grabbed at my desk, so I really have to prioritise. Hopefully this person won't lodge a complaint, but you know what? Right now I really do not care.

So. It's the weekend now, so I'm going to put all thoughts of work out of my brain for 48 hours. I am going to drink alcohol, and converse online with my ex-sister in law, and go to cat council meetings, and review cat show bylaws, and generally do anything other than think about loans.

And I'm going to squee over vids like this:

Oh Benedict, never stop being gorgeous and dorky and just you.
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