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Changing times

I'm really struggling with the Sherlock fandom at the moment. It's been years since I've been sucked into a tv show that's still airing and I'd forgotten how hard it is to avoid spoilers, I already know more about S3 than I want to. I thought I'd be safe just staying away from all the pretty on Tumblr but it's even cropping up on facebook now.

Speaking of facebook - there's this one page I've "liked" so that its posts show up in my feed. The admin is pretty young, judging by the comments she makes, but she gets some interesting stuff to post. However there's one thing that makes me wonder if I'm missing something, or if she's simply too young to know?

She uses "headcannon" a lot, complete with the double n. Someone pointed out the correct spelling to her but she ignored them and continues to spell it like that. Moreover, I'm not sure that her usage of it is correct; for example she recently mentioned that she didn't have time to turn something into a proper-length fic so she just made a headcannon out of it. I'm wondering if she's simply misunderstood the meaning of the word; she had previously asked her page followers to post their favourite headcannon on the page, and a number of people left little ficlets in the comments. Is the meaning of the word evolving, along with the spelling? Gah, maybe I'm just getting too old to realise that things are changing!
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