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I'll sleep well tonight.

Magnificats cat show today - the longhairs and companions, at any rate, with the shorthairs taking centre stage tomorrow. I hadn't entered, but went along to work, and ended up stewarding with one of the overseas judges, Phillipa Holmes from the UK. I committed a cardinal sin by asking her what part of England she was from, only to be promptly informed that she was from Scotland although nowadays she resides in Bex Hill "where people go to die". Anyway, I learned a lot from her and really enjoyed my day.

So tired tonight, though, as a result of being on my feet all day. Even nodded off here in front of the pc for an hour or so earlier tonight. I won't have any trouble getting to sleep when I finally hit the hay.

I'm babysitting my son's dog this weekend; what a little sweetie she is! It made me start thinking about one day getting another dog (my last dog died at 17 years of age, 9 years ago) maybe if I ever work closer to home again and will have the time to walk it. Anyway, was looking on Gumtree just out of curiosity and found an ad for a 7 year old dog being surrendered by its owners, because it no longer fitted their lifestyle. Some times people just make me sick.
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