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I love Fridays. In the city it's jeans day; it's interesting to see everyone with their business shirts and coats, and jeans beneath. Like your top half is all serious I'm-at-work while your legs are already at the weekend.

It's been a really interesting week, especially on the fandom front.

I have to say I'm pleased with Peter Capaldi as the new doctor. He was terrific in Fortysomething, playing a real creep, and I'm looking forward to seeing what he brings to this role. I'm actually a bit excited about it, which is not something I could say about Matt Smith's appointment which was very much a meh moment for me. To this day I've still only watched a handful of Matt's episodes.

And of course Sherlock fandom has been all in a tizz over the teaser/trailer that was released this week. John Watson with a moustache?! The funniest comment I read was on tumblr:
Sherlock: John, I moustache you something - Watson your lip? :D
And the 'stache has taken on a life of its own; cali_se even mentioned that it could have its own credit. In which case it was definitely played by Brian Blessed.

Speaking of fandom generally, I ran a meeting earlier this week of my colleagues, and for a bit of fun I put together a pop culture quiz with 25 questions. The highest score anyone achieved was 13. Seriously? Obviously I was way too obsure. *shrug*.
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