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Should vs want to. Guess which won.

What I should be doing : putting together a training session on wealth lead creation.
What I'm actually doing: browsing my flist and checking my emails. No doubt this will bite me on the bum at 9am Thursday morning but for now I'm putting it off for as long as possible.

I applied for another job last night. It was the weirdest thing; a friend had told me that a job we'd been talking about had come up, and that he'd put my name forward for it, and that I should get my application in asap. I checked the company website and the only job matching the description is listed in Bundaberg, which is, oh I don't know, round about 393km north of here, and only a four and a half hour drive. Just a bit far to do on a daily basis. I kept checking and checking but after a week that was still the only one listed. I caught up with my friend yesterday and asked him about it - and he said that they were definitely placing the successful applicant in Brisbane, and by advertising the position as being in Bundaberg they hoped to only get genuine responses. WTF? By advertising it as being in Bundaberg they'll only get people living in the area or hoping to move there. Just a tad strange, I thought! Anyway, shot my application through and will wait to hear. It truly doesn't worry me if I'm successful with this or not, although it would be nice to work for a smaller organisation again.

And on Sunday night I finished off the Cornetto Trilogy ie went to see The World's End. No spoilers, but I can say it was good fun.
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