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30 Days of Blogging - Day 2. In celebration of crack van.

I've found so many great fics over the years thanks to crack_van and it's become my go-to place when I'm curious about a fandom and looking for recs. Sometimes a rec makes a fic so compelling that I'll go read it, even if I have no idea about the fandom. Once or twice it's led to me actively searching out more fics by the same author, or in the same fandom. Vid night (the 28th?) is especially fun.

In huge fandoms, crack_van is invaluable if the reccer is on their game. Fandoms like Harry Potter and Sherlock or The Avengers can be awful places to try and find something decent to read, but the recs on LJ make it a lot easier. If something looks interesting but I don't have time to read it straight away, I'll use Read It Later (now Pocket?) to keep it where I'll find it again. Often I'll park stuff there for a couple of weeks then upload it all to my kindle at once.

If I could only choose one comm on LJ to join, it would have to be crack_van.
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