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24 August 2013 @ 08:43 pm
30 Days of Blogging - Day Four.  
What fic are you currently reading? What's open in your browser, or on your kindle, or printed out and shoved in your handbag right now?

I'm enjoying a Sherlock fic called The Fabric of Life by Holyfant. it's a long, (over 156000 words) plotty post-Reichenbach / return fic which is totally riveting. The author's summary reads "The fabric of life re-arranges itself around the re-emergence of Sherlock". The language the author uses verges on purple at times but she also comes up with some haunting imagery. I'm loving it. Sherlock's been gone for a while; John is in a steady relationship with Mary and he feels he's heading towards loving her, his life has settled into an orderly routine, and then suddenly Sherlock is back and everything is set on its ear again.

Also following a WIP, something I very very rarely do, and it's a kidfic, something I very very rarely read, but it's by earlgreytea68 so it's worth the effort. She usually finishes her stories so I'm happy to wait her out. Nature and Nurture (start here) .The basic premise is that Sherlock has been cloned, and after three months worth of tests, Mycroft finally lets Sherlock in on the secret and gives him the baby to care for and raise. Baby Oliver is a character in his own right but he never gets in the way of the basic relationship focusing on John and Sherlock. Light and fluffy, with the occasional angsty moment, but sometimes all you want is fluff, yeah? She usually updates weekly and has finished everything she's started, so far. If you like this, go read the rest of her stuff.
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byslantedlight: TW CouchReading (Catvamps)byslantedlight on August 24th, 2013 10:53 am (UTC)
I'm reading Torchwood again for a while, but I'm running out of paper stories, so it'll end soon... *sniffs sadly* I've even been re-reading the official novelisations, of which Almost Perfect is actually of fanfic-standard... *g*

And I'm eyeing all the non-fic (as in not fandom, not not-fiction... *g*) books that I have stacked up far too high on the shelves by my bed...

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miwahni: Torchwood j i tendermiwahni on August 24th, 2013 04:24 pm (UTC)
Torchwood fandom seems to still be pretty active online, with new stories popping up all the time. The official books aren't too bad; I haven't read Almost Perfect but have added it to the list, thanks. I have a lot of the books on my kindle so will have a search to see if that's one of them.

Ooh, non-fanfic reading is good, too. I keep a real novel in my drawer at work for reading at lunchtime; currently reading Herodotas' The Histories which surprised me by being pretty interesting.

Edited at 2013-08-24 04:28 pm (UTC)
Newsy: squeenewsy891 on August 24th, 2013 11:04 am (UTC)
I'm currently trying to write more of my own, but I'm a lousy finisher of writing projects... =P
miwahni: ST relevantmiwahni on August 24th, 2013 04:28 pm (UTC)
Heh. Another Lj-er recently posted about all the WIPs she had sitting on her pc, and many were the lj-ers who jumped in to agree. So take heart, you're not alone! I recently unearthed a Star Trek fic that I'd started in 1982 - 83; sadly I can't remember where I was going with it. Found it in a notepad shoved in a drawer. It has survived six moves so maybe it really, really wants to be written.

Hey did you find out if it was possible to buy the Oliver! disc?
Newsynewsy891 on August 26th, 2013 11:31 pm (UTC)
Tech-impaired me JUST figured out how to rip it to my computer - hoping that means I can drop it onto a DVD-R or something!
miwahni: Dr Who Bananamiwahni on August 28th, 2013 11:12 am (UTC)
You're halfway there! There are a few freebie programs that you can download to rip dvds; can't comment on the ease of use though. Do you have a paypal account?
moonlightmead on August 24th, 2013 02:29 pm (UTC)
Limiting this to fanfic (this is the sort of house with piles of half-finished books in the bathroom and next to the bed) -

...actually, it's scary what I have open in my browser. Currently Pack by MistressKat (Pros, drabble, yummy too); Higher Education by Resonant (Breakfast Club, Bender/Brian, I loved this, that film was wildly popular with my peer group and pissed me off with its 'oh, revamp the weirdo into a prom queen, you just need to make an effort and conform' attitude, and this is just what I needed to imagine happened after); A Few Little Fireworks by madmogs (Pros, I love her Bodie); (click, click, click, move a few windows, ah, apparently that's it).

Last few read on my Kindle: Where the Worms Are, Pam Rose, following the crackvan reminder; Never The Same Again by Sally Fell; In Case of Emergency, Break Rules by Heliophile; In the Bleak Midwinter by Brenda K; and Sing My Heart, by Judes MK. All on the CA or AO3, but forgive me, providing links is taking an age.

Open on my desk: new zine. Well, second-hand, but new to me. No Holds Barred #16. I am really keen to get time to read Love of Art by the end of the weekend, but I am not sure I shall. Because also sitting on my desk is a print-out of draft 1 of my BB fic (conspicuously lacking an ending), so what I am currently reading is that, and scribbling all over it with FIX THIS marks!
miwahni: Pros Ray readingmiwahni on August 24th, 2013 04:34 pm (UTC)
I just read revamp the weirdo into a prom queen as revamp the weirdo into a porn queen so it's probably time I went to bed. *g* You have quite the selection open there!

I loved Where the Worms Are; it is one of my favourite long Pros fics. I went as far as printing it out so that I'd always have a copy even if the story was ever taken down off the net. Not sure if I've read the others, although Bleak Midwinter sounds familiar (actually I think it might be because it's a chapter title in Larton Chronicles?)

So you still buy zines? I love them and am sad that they're so rare these days although I understand the reasons why.

Good luck with the BB fic! I tip me hat to you; anyone that can deliver a fic of that length on a schedule is bloody marvelous.
moonlightmead on August 24th, 2013 08:22 pm (UTC)
I just read revamp the weirdo into a prom queen as revamp the weirdo into a porn queen
lol - a woman after my own heart there.

I recommend all the others, particularly Never The Same Again and In Case Of Emergency. I was partly reading them in preparation for the crackvan (and if anyone recommends those or one particular other one before I can rec them now, I am going to be peeved!)

Another zine fan? *seizes you in delight* I love zines and buy them as often as the opportunity (and bank balance) permit. I have what ought to be an embarrassing number of them, except, well, no, I am not embarrassed. I am happy! :) I arrived in fandom after their heyday, but I was familiar with the general practice from other spheres and it made total sense to me that zines existed and they seemed the obvious next step. Also, when I read that there was a long zine novel by Kitty Fisher, I was sold. I didn't need to know any more than that :) Ditto when I realised that Never Far Apart 1 and 2 had long Angelfish fic. I was very very lucky that the first zine publisher I emailed turned out to be utterly reliable so that zines started thumping onto my mat within days. It could have turned out so differently!

I have one or two from other fandoms and definitely want more Blakes 7 zines. I was sort of a lost fan for Blakes 7: I knew slash existed and looked for it in relation to Blakes 7 all through the nineties (when they were publishing madly, waah!) but never found more than a tiny stash on a site where you needed a password to read it. Way back in the 90s, that was. By the time slash went really public, it was all too late for me. (But then again, I found Pros, so it's all good.) We touched on Murder on San Carmelitas and Total Eclipse of the Heart the other day: I would *love* to get hold of either (both!) of those in zine format. I could read those again on paper most happily. I did try emailing the address for TEotH, but answer came there none, alas!

BB fic: argh :) I shall deliver something, but, um. Eep. And on that note, I see beta comments in my mailbox. I must go - *whoosh!*
miwahni: Pros Ray readingmiwahni on August 25th, 2013 11:10 am (UTC)
I'd have more zines if the shipping to Australia wasn't so astronomically expensive. I do have two Blakes 7 zines; Liberator Fantasies and Angelfood which I love to bits.

What's the Kitty Fisher zine that you have? I have NFA 1 & 2 as well; I don't care that most of the fic becomes available online around a year later, I just love owning all the stories in a bound copy with artwork. Do you have Redemption by Kate Maclean, and Exile by P.R.Zed? They're my two favourite Pros zines.

I grew up in the times when zines were all we had, and I've never forgotten the thrill of finding the parcel in the post, unwrapping, and then losing yourself for hours in the printed pages.

I hope no-one beats you to the stories you want to rec!
moonlightmead on August 25th, 2013 09:25 pm (UTC)
Kitty Fisher zine: Paper Flowers, from Gryphon. I love it to bits. It's very typical of her work, so if you already know you love or hate her style and themes, you will know pretty well whether you should get it. I also have her Lucifer Falling, which is Highlander. I don't know Highlander so well and it didn't engage me as tightly as Paper Flowers as a result.

I certainly do have Redemption and love it! It is one of my favourites (as is Paper Flowers, actually, which I think I shall dig out to read again tonight). And Yellow Brick Road. I don't have Exile: I emailed przed once I learned it existed, but it was long sold out. (I arrived in Pros pretty late to the party.) I was delighted when she put it onto AO3 and I was able to read it, but I would certainly buy the zine like a shot if I saw some available. I remember seeing Lizzie's A Birdwatcher's Guide to Cornish Ghosts in zine format with the beautiful pictures and thinking "Okay, so yes, I have this electronically. I want the zine anyway." :)

And yes, the delight of the parcel arriving! Best noise to hear in the morning!
miwahni: Pros Make you happymiwahni on August 28th, 2013 11:15 am (UTC)
I haven't read Kitty Fisher's Paper Flowers. I read a couple of her MFU fics and my overall impression, many years later, is that she played power games with the characters which isn't quite to my liking, although her writing is usually strong enough to get me past that.
I tried getting another copy of "Exile" to give to sunray45 after she gave me a lot of fandom stuff but PR Zed had just sold the last one :-( . I loaned her my copy and stressed until I had it back!
Strike while the irony is hot: [EMATE] CUPPAdraycevixen on August 24th, 2013 05:16 pm (UTC)

Oooh good post. :D

Although... it made me a bit sad too as I haven't read very much fan fiction recently. Pros is very slow and POI is pretty close to non-existent (well stuff I can bear to read anyway) so there hasn't been much new stuff to read.

miwahni: Pros BD tablemiwahni on August 24th, 2013 05:44 pm (UTC)
It's a real shame when your fandoms aren't providing lots and lots of the stuff that you want to read. Still, the Pros Big Bang isn't too far away now.
earlgreytea68: Thank Youearlgreytea68 on September 10th, 2013 03:40 am (UTC)
Thank you for this rec! :-)

(And I've also read "The Fabric of Life" and loved it, it's fantastic!)
miwahni: Sherlock Sanctity of your brainmiwahni on September 10th, 2013 10:22 am (UTC)
My pleasure! I'm crap at commenting, but am following your fic with delight.