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30 Days of Blogging - Day Four.

What fic are you currently reading? What's open in your browser, or on your kindle, or printed out and shoved in your handbag right now?

I'm enjoying a Sherlock fic called The Fabric of Life by Holyfant. it's a long, (over 156000 words) plotty post-Reichenbach / return fic which is totally riveting. The author's summary reads "The fabric of life re-arranges itself around the re-emergence of Sherlock". The language the author uses verges on purple at times but she also comes up with some haunting imagery. I'm loving it. Sherlock's been gone for a while; John is in a steady relationship with Mary and he feels he's heading towards loving her, his life has settled into an orderly routine, and then suddenly Sherlock is back and everything is set on its ear again.

Also following a WIP, something I very very rarely do, and it's a kidfic, something I very very rarely read, but it's by earlgreytea68 so it's worth the effort. She usually finishes her stories so I'm happy to wait her out. Nature and Nurture (start here) .The basic premise is that Sherlock has been cloned, and after three months worth of tests, Mycroft finally lets Sherlock in on the secret and gives him the baby to care for and raise. Baby Oliver is a character in his own right but he never gets in the way of the basic relationship focusing on John and Sherlock. Light and fluffy, with the occasional angsty moment, but sometimes all you want is fluff, yeah? She usually updates weekly and has finished everything she's started, so far. If you like this, go read the rest of her stuff.
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