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Party Pooper

I must be strange. I attended my work Christmas party last night, and by the time it was over I was so glad to get home it wasn't funny. I felt as though I had wasted the evening, and I'm quite sure I'd have had more fun if I'd stayed home and surfed the net.
The party was at a restaurant in Bowen Hills, called Brazilian Touch. The meal was buffet-style with very little choice (rice, potato bake, mushroom salad, tomato & onion salad, black beans, and coconut chicken). Kebab-style meats were then brought around to each table at irregular intervals. Dessert consisted of icecream and flavouring, served just as the floorshow began. The show was not all that flash either. All in all, not an experience I'd rush out to repeat.
Now I have Tuesday to not-look-forward-to. A lender's meeting followed by a four-hour river cruise. My idea of hell - spending four hours trying to make small talk with people I barely know.

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