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30 Days of Blogging - Day 29. Things I hold true.

I believe it's not an all black/white world.

I believe there's no excuse for being mean.

I believe that a woman can be strong and that's not a bad thing. It doesn't make her an evil bitch.

I believe that the way someone treats shop assistants and waiters says a lot about their character.

I believe that asylum-seeking is not illegal.

I believe that climate change is real, and global warming is a real concern.

I believe that when I read the Koran I will find some parts that seem bloodthirsty and dangerous, which is no different to some parts of the Old Testament. It doesn't mean every Muslim is a dangerous terrorist-in-the-making.

I believe that women have the right to say what happens to their bodies, just as men have that right to their own bodies.

I believe that if you're going to express an opinion you had better be prepared to defend it.

I believe that gay marriage is not going to destroy the sanctity of marriage as we know it. Elizabeth Taylor did a good enough job of that by herself.

I believe it is dangerous to generalise about whole groups of people. Not everyone on the dole is a dole bludger.

I believe that people need to believe in something much bigger than themselves. Whether that is God, or science, or the Flying Spaghetti Monster, or the Old People, we have a basic need to understand the world around us and the part we play in it.
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