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I thought we were better than that

Ugly scene on my bus, on the way home tonight.

I should point out that my bus travels through an area which is really popular with Asians, and roughly 80% of the passengers are Asian. We'd no sooner pulled out of the bus station tonight when this young white guy - maybe 19, 20 years old - started banging on about Asians (or as he called them, "fucking Chinese") taking over the country, taking our jobs etc... not going to repeat his actual words but it was really vile racist bullshit.

He got louder and louder, and eventually the young guy sitting next to him called him on it. Of course things escalated from there; this young guy looked as though he might be of middle-eastern origin so it just got nastier until the two of them were wrestling at the back of the bus. Bus driver pulled in to the next stop and contacted his dispatcher who immediately alerted the police. By this time the guy who took the heckler on had retired, with his shirt ripped almost off his body, and passengers were calling on the heckler to get off the bus.

When the nasty piece of work realised that public sentiment was against him, and he was informed that the police were on the way, he swaggered down the aisle and out the door, where the platform superintendent then escorted him off the bus stop.

Meanwhile the incident was captured and recorded on numerous mobile phones. The young guy who took this dickhead on had to give his name and contact details to the bus driver, so that a report to the police could be made. I gave him my business card, so he had my contact details if he was pressing charges and wanted a witness; don't know how much good I'd be as I'm terrible at remembering faces, but I sure as hell remember the words that this worthless piece of shit said.

Seriously - trash like him should be getting on boats and going elsewhere, and leaving the respectable Asians in our community alone. I felt physically sick with the stuff this guy was spewing; it was ugly, and reprehensible, and I hope I never witness anything similar again.
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