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So this is Friday night?

Isn't this supposed to be the start of the weekend or something? So far this evening I have scrubbed litter trays, cleaned my bathroom, and done my ironing. Fun, yeah?

Dinner consisted of a cupcake. I probably should have something more to eat but the cupcake was there, it was convenient, it was asking me to eat it so hey, who am I to deny its annihilation tendencies?

Anyway. Weekend is bound to get better. Leaving aside the usual houseworky things tomorrow morning, lunch tomorrow is Yum Cha at a local restaurant, followed by season four of The IT Crowd and then the recent series final of the same. Fun all round. Sunday should be spent just vegging out. Hope all my flisters are anticipating good weekends too!

*note to self - do not fall asleep in the middle of posting a journal entry. It's not a good look
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