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Boat Trip

If anyone had told me yesterday that I'd be enjoying today, I'd have considered them nuts. Lender's meeting followed by a river boat cruise. Let me tell you - a four hour trip spent making small talk with people I barely know is not my idea of fun. However, it turned out great! I'm still surprised. Of course, it could have been the alcohol smoothing things over. Whatever the reason, I enjoyed myself more than I thought possible.

On the other hand - when I got home from work yesterday there was a Christmas card from my ex in my letterbox. No stamp, no address, just my name across the envelope. Inside the card was a 'nice' greeting from him and his current lady. A nice gesture, you say? Well, I suppose one could be forgiven for thinking that, but when put in context with the death threats I was receiving a couple of weeks ago, which necessitated a trip to the local cop shop, the card appears in a much more sinister light. It's his way of saying "I know where you live" , letting me know that he can always track me down. But on the surface, of course, there's nothing to complain about. It looks like a nice, innocent Christmas greeting.
Which it could well be. But after three years of being stalked, I tend towards paranoia. Which I consider a perfectly valid form of self-protection.

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