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Bathurst compilation

Yesterday was the biggest day of the year for V8 Supercars - the annual pilgrimage to the mount. Random comments below; just the stuff that I want to remember.

* First ad break in the race, and I'm all set for the rest of the day. Netbook powered up, plus coffee and Tim Tams for breakfast. Life is good

* Scott McLaughlin's car looks like a coke can

* There's no happy way to exit the race, but hitting a kangaroo would have to be one of the most disappointing. #7 not being repaired. Story here

Already the comedians are sending pics to twitter.

* De-lodged? Is that even a word?
(actually it's such a practical use of language - no poncing around with a dictionary or thesaurus, just grab the nearest close word and bash it about until it fits.)

* Having lived out at Bathurst I've experienced those hot, dusty, westerly winds that sweep across the plains, bringing tonnes of topsoil with them. A couple of drivers have talked about the wind moving the cars across the track - scary times at 250km/hr.

* Fake Mark Skaife @stuffskaifesays tweets "someone keeps interrupting the supercheap ads with a V8 race".

* Murphy's into the wall, and hard. It's game over for car 22. :-(

* Both Winterbottom and Richards have praised their #5 car. This will end in tears. (how wrong did I end up being there???)

It's history now that Frosty went on to win the race, with Whincup second and Lowndes third in his 20th start on the mountain.
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