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Doing the happy-dance of my people.

This has been the most extraordinary week, with so many things happening, about which I shall post over the coming few days.

But the big news - after 20 years, 10 months and 25 days I resigned my job with St.George Bank today. I've given four weeks' notice, so my official leaving date will be 22nd November. And the reason?

Yes, it actually happened for me. Finally. I start work on 2nd December as a Senior Credit Officer for Firstmac, a non-bank lending organisation. No more sales targets! Instead I can focus on what I love ie lending. I've been brought on board specifically for the complex self-employed / companies / trusts loans, and also for their newly-hatched Self Managed Super Fund home loans. They have sales people and a call centre to drum up the business; all I'll be doing is assessing and approving / declining the applications.

In a way it's scary. I'm walking away from an accumulated 9 months' worth of sick leave, and my holidays and long service leave will be reset to zero, but I have to think of my peace of mind. Seriously, my job was doing my head in. The constant worry about sales targets, the need to meet the 10-6-4 equation (10 applications, 6 approvals, 4 settlements per week) and the cross sale points that needed to be accrued - the pressure is relentless with teleconferences and pipeline calls and reports and "what are you going to do differently this week to make sure you get 10 applications" and all of the bullshit that goes with it - I am too old for this shit.

Added to that, the fact that I was going to be "invited to participate in a selection process" to see if I could keep my spot at my current branch... who needs that kind of stress. Seriously.

I'm getting a small pay rise but sacrificing bonus, so my annual income will be a fair bit less than it has been, but then I don't expect bonus and I don't live on it so that won't be so bad. My base salary is increasing, so that's a good thing!

But the best thing is that this job will let me concentrate on the aspects of my current job that I love ie lending. That is my passion. Making all of the pieces fit, and if they don't fit, rearranging them until they do. It's like putting a jigsaw puzzle together.

I'm so excited! Nervous, but that's to be expected. Bring on the 2nd December!
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