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The next time someone says "Well done, at your age!"...

... there will be Consequences. *g*

As there is no official uniform at my new place of work, I thought I should look at topping-up my business wardrobe. Went shopping last Thursday and found two terrific dresses but was worried that I might put on weight on my holidays, and the dresses might not fit me when I got back. Again on Friday I was browsing and tried these two on again, but again I put them back on the rack.

And then on Friday night I received an email from the store in relation to an online sale they were having, that night only - and I saved $140 by buying the two dresses online. That's huge! So to celebrate the savings I bought another dress which I can throw into a bag and take on holidays without it crumpling up. Go me.

Friday is my coffee-buying day at work. I may buy coffee on other days but on Friday it's a must, and I also buy one for D. I can never remember whether he takes sugar, or not, so every Friday I grab two little sugar sachets from the coffee bar and shove them in the back pocket of my jeans (Casual Friday!). And every Friday I forget to give them to him, and end up bringing them home. I now have a container full of little sugar sachets. And I still don't know if D takes sugar, or not.
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