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29 October 2013 @ 09:57 pm
And on the weekend....  
I was invited to judge at the Hinterland Allbreeds show on Sunday, and also invited to their pre-show dinner on Saturday night. I tossed up whether to attend the dinner, or stay home and get an early night, but in the end my sociable instincts won out and I went along.

And I am SO glad I did! The show organisers had prepared a little surprise for me, in the person of anonpussynamer who had driven up, along with her husband and friends, for five hours to attend the dinner and show. I had no idea they were coming up; they managed to keep the secret for a couple of months, apparently. Earlier on Saturday I had been replying to comments on APN's facebook page, still with no clue I'd be seeing her later that night.

It was a brilliant surprise, a good dinner, and a lovely day the next day. I had thirteen cats to judge; not a huge amount but enough to provide a bit of competition while still allowing me enough time to talk about each one. Fell in love with my Best Kitten, a gorgeous little cream mackeral tabby boy with a solid body and a smug expression, whose father was a British Shorthair who managed to find his way into an Exotic girl's pen. Oops! So he's a Companion cat, not a pedigree, but the cutest little guy ever.

And got kissed all over my face my anonpussynamer's wild child, a Turkish Van/La Perm cross with the wildest coat and a nature to die for :-) . What a little purr-bucket.
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anonpussynamer: cat showanonpussynamer on October 29th, 2013 01:30 pm (UTC)
Re: And on the weekend....
It was hard to keep the secret but LP was under oath to not say A WORD about us coming up - you did know that the judge was coming of course, but no idea HOW she'd be travelling. It was so great to see you and catch up - been too long - and the weekend was fabulous. Of course I had been on FB too - makes it all look good. :)

Yep, the wild child - the big boofhead doesn't do what he did to everyone so you are blessed ... we reckon that Snappy has come back (he'd do that trick as well - yes have photos) due to Curly's great nature ... very similar that way, in looks not at all. The kitten was lovely wasn't he - so was his little dot sister ... saw some beautiful cats/kittens there and our Jasper (aka Sexy Legs *g*) didn't do too badly - I was honestly thinking he'd be withheld on as his coat is a bit "rough" at the moment, but it was a pleasant surprise that he got all 4 challenges and enjoyed himself too.

All in all, a wonderful weekend - and now, back to the daily grind. :P Just about finished the judges slips for next weekend in Sydney and I'm knackered ... *yawn*
miwahni: Cats Showing offmiwahni on October 31st, 2013 10:01 am (UTC)
Re: And on the weekend....
Les did a brilliant job of keeping the secret, as did you :-)

Curling Dervish is a honey! He's a keeper, that boy. I'm glad Jasper did well for you too, taking home all of his challenges.

Glad you got home safely, too. Have fun at the Desexed show!
anonpussynamer: Buttonsanonpussynamer on October 31st, 2013 12:42 pm (UTC)
Re: And on the weekend....
Les was under strict instructions to say Nuffink! LOL I wasn't going to say a word - notice I didn't mention about going anywhere last weekend on FB (don't normally do that anyway as who knows who reads the palaver that I write?) ... all a complete surprise. *g*

Yep, CD certainly is a keeper - I reckon he is just happy to be alive as the alternative is too sad to think about. I have his mum as well (Mumma Turk) and she's a honey, although nothing like her son's nature ... he is definitely unique in both temperament and looks (but I'm slightly biased, I guess). Jasper has to be almost Bronze now, with the challenges from Hinterland - must go thru and fix up their titles after this weekend is over (Curly has 2 more shows and that's it) but have been too busy ... have the Aby show to process now and it's over for 2013. Yippeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ... I'm exhausted. :)

Thanks, will try to have fun - am show secretary at Desexed, so they'll have me running ragged, I guess. LOL