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Counting down the sleeps

Even though I gave four weeks' notice, this coming Friday is my last day at work and then I'm off to New Zealand for a couple of weeks. I'll be away over my birthday so son and girlfriend took me out to dinner last night for a special early birthday celebration.

Dinner started with potato and fetta perogies with crispy onion strips and chive sour cream, while for my main I had the 250gm Tasmanian grass-fed sirloin which was served with mashed potato and asparagus, with a mustard jus adding a bit of heat. I don't often eat meat because it often has an unfortunate side effect but that sounded too delicious to ignore. (and so far so good, too!)

We didn't worry about dessert because the kids had brought a birthday cake over to my house, but we didn't head straight home after the meal. Instead we did the rounds of the local car yards - fun. When I lived in Coffs I'd do this about once a week, as the car yard strip was within a comfortable walk from home, and I always enjoyed it.

Started packing today, and already I've changed my mind about half the stuff I've packed. No doubt by the weekend I'll have totally replaced everything that's currently in my bag.

And some really exciting news - my sister had her first open day for her house yesterday, and they accepted a contract on it today. Her move to Queensland just got one step closer!
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