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Sitting in Wellington airport waiting for a connecting flight to Queenstown, with a couple of hours at hand, so what better to do than update here. It's been a week so far, and a pretty amazing one at that.

Sunday last week we flew into Auckland airport. As you enter the main body of the terminal you pass through a carved gate and are greeted by Maori song; we are being sung into the country following Maori tradition. The Maori welcome - or Powhiri is a reminder that this country, while so close to home, still has traditions and a culture far removed from mine.

We spent the next day exploring the city via bus, harbour cruise and also through the viewing windows of Skytower, which at over 1000 feet is the tallest building in the southern hemisphere. Part of the viewing platform has a glass floor - it felt as though you were standing in space, and not something I could do for long!

Auckland museum
Auckland museum.

Auckland skyline
Auckland skyline, taken from the harbour.

bridge view skytower
View of the harbour from the 51st floor of the Skytower.

Standing on the glass floor in the viewing platform. I feel dizzy just looking at the photo. See how high up it is? There were people jumping off the 60th floor - hurtling downwards on some sort of flying fox thingy - called Skyjump. Only for the brave!

maori gate in town centre
Carved Maori gate in the town centre.

maori gate closeup
Close-up of the carving on the gate.

town hall and skytower

Skytower vs clock tower, interesting juxtaposition.
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