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In the middle of the earth, in the land of Shire.... *g*

Matamata, known throughout the world now as Hobbiton. This was an afternoon stopover on our trip from Auckland to Rotorua, one that I had been looking forward to for weeks.

I could have spent more time in Auckland, there was so much to see and do. We were staying at a serviced apartment in a bit of a downmarket part of town, chosen for its closeness to the main street. It was quite colourful, with a hotel just around the corner that advertised hourly room rates, and CCTV cameras on every corner. Still, it was quiet, and clean, and close to the city which is all we could ask for.

We picked up a late model Toyota Corolla hire car, then set off for Matamata.

Welcome to Hobbiton
Main Street, Matamata.

Information centre
Matamata information centre, and the starting point of our Hobbiton adventure.

My precioussss
Inside the information centre.

Gandlaf carved stone 2
Gandalf, carved in relief at the crosssroads.

Bilbo's home with bench
Bilbo's home, with bench. Sadly no Martin though *g*

Bilbo's home
Closer view.


The bench
The bench.

exploring a hobbit burrow
Exploring a burrow.

Bridge to the Green Dragon
Bridge to the Green Dragon pub.

Green Dragon pub
The Green Dragon pub exterior.

Green Dragon bar
The pub bar, where we were served light ale in pottery mugs.

Hobbit burrow
Hobbit burrow.

Hobbit barrow
Hobbit barrow.

Two happy hobbits
Nasty, nasty hobbitses!
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