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It didn't stop when I left NZ.

Even my trip home from NZ was an adventure. We upgraded our flights from Christchurch to Sydney to Business class - what an experience! Complimentary champagne before we even left the runway; a wine menu; proper cutlery and crockery, with dinner served on a white linen tablecloth; everything about the experience was amazing. Even disembarking was a new experience, as Business passengers are allowed off first, and our baggage had Priority Handling labels so it was first onto the carousel. I tell you what, I am spoilt now - my flight from Sydney to Brisbane was back in Economy and I was mentally comparing it all the way.


This is how much space there was - I was able to crouch down in front of our seats to take this photo of my sister enjoying her champers.

My dinner - prawn biryani, with proper eating utensils and a silver napkin ring *g*.

Dessert - I chose the cheese platter.

It really was a lovely experience. One of the first things I did when we got back to Dee's was to check the cost of business class flights to London, but I don't think that's going to be do-able. Economy is approx $2000 round trip, but business class is around $8000 return. That's half your holiday money gone in tickets!

My son met me at Brisbane airport and still the adventure continued. We were barely off Airport Drive when the engine light in his car lit up, so we pulled into an emergency bay to investigate. Couldn't see anything wrong, and the engine sounded okay and wasn't running rough, and all of the gauges registered normal limits, but rather than take a chance we called roadside assist. They won't work on a car on the motorway so first they sent a truck to move us to a safer location.

jaycar1 (520 x 390)

Then the patrolman came out, ran a few diagnostics, said he couldn't find anything wrong with it and the light was probably due to the oxygen sensor in the exhaust picking up on a change in air pressure. So we set off once again, very cautiously - and the engine light went out again after about five minutes. All good!
As a result, though, the half-hour trip home took just on three hours instead.

I still have heaps of photos to sort through, and will post my favourites here once I've sorted.
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